Tips for having a healthy mirage intimacy

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It is very common to couples that have been together for a long period of time to lose their sex drive to their partners and this is one of the main reason why one or each of the couple cheats because they lose the intimacy to each other. So what are the things that might help you to maintain and have a healthy mirage intimacy?

Have body contact even though it is a non-sexual contact. Having a good connection without being intimate is very good, an example is holding hands, laying together, or sitting together in the couch while watching a movie or even kissing every time one gets home and make it as a routine.

Don’t underestimate the power of the word “I love you” even though you are that long enough never forget to say I love you to your partner every time. This will give your partner reassurance of what you really feel about her. Even though it is just a small thing it makes a big difference in your relationship with your partner.

Being together for a long time means you slowly disregard each other in order to avoid this maybe you should go on a date once a week just like you do in your younger days. This will help you talk and stay connected to each other avoiding losing track of what is happening to your couple and the whole family. This is also a great chance to talk about your family economy and other things that you need to discuss in order to keep your family healthy. This is a very good way to avoid misunderstandings and if there is one it will be easier to come up with a solution.

Give gifts even though it is not that expensive or if you really don’t have the budget a simple letter will make your partner happy. This will make them feel that you really care for them, this is more important if you are on a long way home regularly because of work trips, buy your partner a souvenir on each plays you go it will make your partner think that he or she is still on your mind even though your far away from home.

Every time you will have sex try using different sex pattern each time to avoid making it boring. Change the order of the way you kiss, you foreplay and even try different positions that you never tried before. If you can take charge of your intercourse this will make your partner feel more excited about your sex life and will look up to each and every day.

Always compliment your partner and avoid insulting him or her, random compliments are the cutest. This will not only help your relationship but also helps your partner`s whole-being as well by boosting his morale and self-confidence. This way it can help your partner in his daily life which is very healthy for the rest of your family.