No Sex? Fix it tonight!

It is bothersome to experience the sexual chemistry fading, both parties will wonder what went wrong. In reality, each relationship has its own ups and downs, and sex can be a part of it. However, it is hard to touch that matter because it is private and too personal. But, here are some solutions how to fix your sexless relationship.

Identify the underlying problem, figure out what your relationship wants. By then, you can start discussing about the problem. Do not put blame, let the talk be an avenue for fixing your problem. There is no room for arguments, what you need is agreement.

After you have talked about the problem, expand your idea of sex. You have to know what can bring the intimacy back. You have to compromise. You have to put in mind that this “fixing” needs patience. It takes a lot to express your suppressed emotions.

Take time. It does not mean that you will not end up together if you have a sexless relationship. All you have to do is to investigate, open up, and find the right solution.