Tips for having a healthy mirage intimacy

It is very common to couples that have been together for a long period of time to lose their sex drive to their partners and this is one of the main reason why one or each of the couple cheats because they lose the intimacy to each other. So what are the things that might help you to maintain and have a healthy mirage intimacy? Have body contact even though it is a non-sexual contact. Having a good connection without being

No Sex? Fix it tonight!

It is bothersome to experience the sexual chemistry fading, both parties will wonder what went wrong. In reality, each relationship has its own ups and downs, and sex can be a part of it. However, it is hard to touch that matter because it is private and too personal. But, here are some solutions how to fix your sexless relationship. Identify the underlying problem, figure out what your relationship wants. By then, you can start discussing about the problem. Do not

Men: Sex Toys? What?

The world of sex toys is not only ruled by women, there are high-quality sex toys for men available in the market. What makes it better is, you can use these sex toys alone or with a partner! Men sex toys are not focused on penis pleasure, it also provides pleasure on perineal, scrotal, and anal. Masturbation sleeves It is designed to penetrate the penis, it provides sensation from the head to the shaft of the penis. It is a sex toy