Spoken Word Open Mic 5

Our spoken word open mics at The Honey Hive Gallery are becoming much more creative and eclectic! The forms of art that people bring to the open mics are increasingly pushing the bounds of spoken word. We hope to see the open mics continue to grow and diversify.

Spoken Word Open Mic 2

It was great to see everyone who came to the second spoken word event at The Honey Hive Gallery. It’s great to see people doing and enjoying what they love. It’s a heart-warming pleasure to witness artists creating and performing art to a crowd of people who really enjoy absorbing that sort of creativity. It’s wonderful to see the community congregate in The Hive and share their creativity and compassion with each other. It’s been a lot of hard work putting together a gallery and keeping it alive so that people can share and use it for art. Hopefully folks can make a donation by coming to the events, buying work, throwing stuff in the tip jar, etc., but more importantly residents should take away a positive feeling when they leave the gallery and share it with the neighborhood. It’s important to remember that the gallery is for the people to share and absorb creativity and hopefully we’ll see them all again soon.