SF Concerts

Come see some of the awesomest SF concerts at the Honey Hive Gallery.

Honey Hive Gallery
4117 Judah St.
San Francisco, CA
(612) 888-4483


$10 donation at the door every night.

Violent Violet DJ Party

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Thanks to all our friends and friends of friends who came out to the DJ party for a lovely evening of dancing! Check out more SF events here.

Friendly Neighbors Get Down

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The Honey Hive Gallery was honored to host Marcus and David’s great neighborly get down! Marcus and Avi spun some excellent beats at one of the best SF concerts after a wonderful smorgasbord of other performances. The decorations were out of this world. Thanks David. Hopefully we’ll have some more DJ discos at The Hive … Read more

Lords of Sealand

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It took about an hour just to clean up after Friday’s first live music event. Beer cans were everywhere! Making the gallery presentable again was time well spent. A messy venue only means people were having fun. It was great to see all the drinking and dancing. A special thanks goes out to Lords of … Read more