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Figure Drawing Workshop 2

Figure Drawing Workshop 2

There were three live models for our last figure drawing workshop. It was a great chance to practice gesture drawing. There was some opportunity for brief sketches of the human form as well as some longer poses. A special thanks goes out to our organizer and promoter, our models, and…

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"Interpretation" Opening 6 | Season 2

“Interpretation” Opening 6 | Season 2

This show, with its successful turnout, ended up being the perfect demonstration of the community-minded goals The Hive maintains. The gallery tries to, not only bring together artists, but their friends, and their friends, and their friends! It was a great reception with a very open-minded crowd. The theme was…

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Spoken Word Open Mic 5

Spoken Word Open Mic 5

Our spoken word open mics at The Honey Hive Gallery are becoming much more creative and eclectic! The forms of art that people bring to the open mics are increasingly pushing the bounds of spoken word. We hope to see the open mics continue to grow and diversify.

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