“Interpretation” Opening 6 | Season 2

This show, with its successful turnout, ended up being the perfect demonstration of the community-minded goals The Hive maintains. The gallery tries to, not only bring together artists, but their friends, and their friends, and their friends! It was a great reception with a very open-minded crowd. The theme was well received and the artists we very gracious. A special thanks goes out to all the curators, artists, and everyone else who helped to put this, though last-minute, but beautiful show together so thoughtfully. Thank you all for working so hard like the busy bees that you are!

“Montage” Opening 3 | Season 1

The pieces of, “Montage,” this months collage show at The Honey Hive Gallery, seem to have fit perfectly together. So far this month, the works of art on display, the music, the poetry, the workshops, and the people who make all this possible have exemplified the power of collage by uniting under one roof to make something fun and powerful. The “Montage” show was a great kick off! The community has been contributing to a beautiful conglomeration of creative activity at The Hive all this month and there’s plenty more to come! Thank you all for being a part of the collage theme this month at The Honey Hive Gallery!

Opening 2 | Season 1

Friday was such a good way to keep warm. There’s no better way to fight the rain and cold than packing a room full of beautiful art and people with our warm regards to neighbors and their talents. It’s an honor to both the gallerist and the artists to see the art community and people from across The Bay Area join just to enjoy the beautiful works of art at The Honey Hive Gallery. A special thanks goes out to all those who came out on that cold evening to grace everyone with their presence.

If you missed the party on Friday and you find yourself in The Outer Sunset during the weekend, stop into our warm gallery and see the works. The show will be up through December 29th. Katie Steward is showing her massive canvases of colorful oil, Cayla Harris is flying around her “mobile homes”, Jacob Feldman is taking over with his science fiction creatures, Tony Papesh is making everyone laugh with his brightly colored comics, and Summer Solstiz is buzzing around with great 4″ x 4″ canvas paintings. Join the artists in their colorful world that they have created just for you!