2014 Season

Not only has the wonderful Honey Hive art gallery and event space in The Outer Sunset been growing and evolving successfully; it’s taken a change, bringing San Francisco some of the edgiest community benefits seen so far! Stop by during the day to look at our wonderful art and chat about the neighborhood or check out one of the many events at The Honey Hive Gallery to see how. Please come out and be a part of the community! If you’d like news about our upcoming artist receptions, spoken word poetry, and/or workshops either signup for the mailing list or checkout our Facebook page.

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  1. Hi there!
    I am a local artist right up the block from you guys! A friend told me about the Honey Hive just recently and I am so excited to see what you guys are all about šŸ™‚ I would love to get involved in your cause and I plan to stop by your spot later today to say hello.
    As I am looking at your website I see so many great things you have done but I am sad to see that your archives have not been kept up! I see mostly current information on open mic and live music but nothing else. I’d love to see what else you all have been up to!
    It’s really a great thing you are doing here Honey Hive, thank you! This is such a beautiful thing for a community to have and I cant wait to get involved! I believe the world would be much more harmonious if all communities had access to places like this.
    Great job, much love, Namaste!!!
    -Kathy Poyzner
    WAVY Project

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